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MODE Global Announces Strategic Partnership with Sync Logistics Training

DALLAS, TEXAS (April 16, 2024) – MODE Global (“MODE”), an industry-leading third-party logistics (3PL) firm is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Sync Logistics Training (“Sync”), an online learning and development platform designed specifically for the transportation industry. The collaboration strengthens MODE’s existing training process and equips employees to deliver the high level of service MODE customers demand.

As the logistics industry continues to evolve, MODE recognizes the critical role training plays in employee success and professional development. By partnering with Sync, MODE can help its employees excel by providing a comprehensive training program tailored to the unique demands of its business model and growth strategy.

“As a participant of the Sync pilot program, when I saw how comprehensive the curriculum and training program was, I knew I wanted to advocate for this tool not only for my team’s development but also as part of an enterprise-wide solution,” said Rob Jernigan, vice president of agent experience at MODE Global. “With the Sync platform, industry knowledge is no longer a stumbling block to employee success.”

Key goals of the partnership include:

  • Decrease ramp times and set MODE employees up for long-term success with Sync’s best-in-class industry-specific training.
  • Increase MODE employees’ skills and confidence to navigate the complex world of freight brokerage through Sync’s interactive simulations.
  • Support MODE’s ongoing investment in employees by providing continuous education and upskilling opportunities.

“Our goal is to help brokers train and retain more proactive and engaged employees,” said Nick Dangles, co-founder of Sync Logistics Training. “We are thrilled to partner with MODE to enhance its employee development initiatives!”

The partnership between MODE and Sync represents a shared commitment to investing in employee development for all MODE employees and to raising the bar of service excellence within the transportation industry. 


About Sync Logistics Training

Sync Logistics Training is an online training and development platform, built specifically for the transportation industry.  We allow your brokerage to transfer years of industry knowledge to your new employees in an engaging and effective way. Using a mix of video courses, simulations and quizzes, your new hires will reach new heights faster.