Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Belonging. MODE Global.

There’s a lot in the works, and much more to do. MODE’s THRIVE initiatives are supported by an internal committee comprised of a diverse group of employees with various backgrounds, job roles, and life experiences – all coming together to promote an enriching and supportive work environment.

Creating an inclusive environment

MODE Global is committed to engaging diverse talent and shaping our recruitment, development, advancement and retention
practices to encourage success. As a company, we are currently centering our focus on four key areas:

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Attraction & Recruitment

Source diverse candidates from varied backgrounds providing all candidates with equal opportunity to demonstrate their capacity and abilities.

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Inclusion & Retention

Raise awareness of identity in the workplace and cultivate an inclusive community within MODE.

Messaging & Metrics

Ensure inclusive messaging practices. Maintain and publish up-to-date employee demographics.

Community Partnerships

Engage with our communities and underrepresented groups through education and partnerships.

A note from our President & CEO

MODE Global recognizes, respects and values differences. By fostering a culture that embraces creativity and diversity, we create competitive advantages in teamwork and innovation that continue to drive our overall success. Inclusion is part of how MODE will continue to become one of the most valued, most efficient and most profitable transportation companies in the world. Every day, we continue to build a culture that encourages, supports and celebrates our diverse talents, perspectives and backgrounds.

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