President & CEO

Lance Malesh is MODE Global’s President and Chief Executive Officer bringing more than 20 years of experience in growth optimization and profitability through sales, management and technical expertise.


Prior to joining MODE, Lance held the position of Chief Commercial Officer of BDP International responsible for Global Sales & Business Development; BDP Transport & Tender Management; Marketing & Corporate Communications; and BridgeNet Solutions. BridgeNet Solutions specializes in data analytics relative to logistics and supply chain, as well as 4PL services and was ultimately acquired by BDP International. Lance was the President and CEO of BridgeNet Solutions prior to that acquisition.


Lance is an accomplished senior operations, sales and marketing executive with extensive experience in identifying and securing growth through intuitive analyses of competitive forces and directing cross-functional collaborations across business units. With his extensive operational and sales experience along with a hands-on management style, he has helped companies reduce barriers across all organizational and executive levels to meet and exceed business goals.


Lance has bachelor’s degrees in both Business Administration and Economics / Finance.